Preparing the Soil for the Seed:
Giving Room For Doubt

The word of God (the seed) is for everyone.  But the seed often bears no fruit because the soil is inadequately prepared (Mt. 13; Mk. 4; Lk. 8).  Learn from an apologist and an evangelist about how encouraging doubt can cultivate the soil for an evangelistic harvest and a deepened faith that results in devoted disciples. (Click the links for the NACC speaker pages for Rich Knopp and for Garry Poole.) 

Part 1 of this session (by Rich Knopp) offers a general description of the Room For Doubt program and some reasons why it is relevant and potentially valuable for churches and other Christian groups.  Part 2 (by Garry Poole) discusses how to create and use small groups to invite and encourage Christians and non-Christians to talk openly and honestly about spiritual questions.

Rich Knopp and Garry Poole
Thursday, June 29, 2017
2:30-3:30 pm and 4:00-5:00 pm
Kansas City Convention Center, Room 2504A

Handouts & Resources

Basic Session Handout Outline:




Session Presenters

Dr. Rich Knopp is Professor of Philosophy & Christian Apologetics at Lincoln Christian University - Lincoln, Illinois; Director of WorldViewEyes; and Project Coordinator for Room For Doubt. His multimedia presentations have been attended by over 76,000 in 22 states, Canada, and China.  For more biographical info, click HERE.

Garry Poole is a curriculum specialist and evangelist who has written many of the discusison guides for Lee Strobel's books (e.g. The Case for Faith; The Case for Christ; The Case for a Creator). His publications also include Seeker Small Groups and The Complete Book of Questions: 1001 Conversation Starters for Any Occasion. He is the writer for the adult and youth discussion guides in the Room For Doubt six-week series.

Room For Doubt

Room For Doubt provides learning experiences and resources to strengthen the faith of committed Christians, address the questions of those who have doubts about their Christian heritage, and represent the Christian message of those who are skeptical about it claims. 

The program includes a six-week message and curriulum series for churches and parachurch ministries.  Resources for the series were developed by Mark Mittelberg, Garry Poole, Lee Strobel, and Rich Knopp.  For an overview of the six-week series, CLICK HERE






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