Worldview Camp @ Pinehaven

This is a resource page for Worldview Camp 2019 at Pinehaven Christian Assembly, Park Rapids, MN. We will post handouts, slides, other resources, and maybe a few pics of the week.  Along with others, sessions will be led by Dr. Rich Knopp, Zach Breitenbach, Paul McAlister, and Blake Saathoff. Lincoln Christian University will also have a camp team at Pinehaven.

Thanks for joining us as we wrestle with tough questions and doubts about the Christian faith (and have some fun in the process). In addition to this website, make sure you check out Room For Doubt, a space where you can ask questions and find some direction Also be sure to download the free Room For Doubt app for iOS and Android. 

Room For Doubt will provide its six-week message and curriculum materials for FREE as a basis for the worldview camp in 2019.

Some open Q&A sessions will be scheduled during the week.

Session Materials

Wednesday evening:  Rich Knopp, "What's This All About?" (handout).

Thursday morning:  Rich Knopp, "Dealing With Doubts" (handout).

Thursday afternoon:  Rich Knopp, "Apologetics: Say What?" (handout).

Thursday evening:  Zach Breitenbach, "Christianity and Our Deepest Needs" (handout). Slides.

Friday morning: Rich Knopp, "Pointers to God's Existence" (handout)
Zach Breitenbach, "Explaining Our Deepest Moral Beliefs" (handout).  Slides.

Friday afternoon: Rich Knopp, "The Identity & Activity of Jesus" (handout).
Zach Breitenbach, "The Reality of the Resurrection, Part 1" (handout). Slides.

Friday evening:  Zach Breitenbach, "The Reality of the Resurrection, Part 2" (see Part 1).

Saturday morning:  Rich Knopp, "The Reliability & Authority of the Bible" (handout)
CHART: "Earliest New Testament Books and Events"
CHART: "Greek New Testament Manuscript Timeline"

Saturday afternoon:  Zach Breitenbach, "The Problem of Evil & Suffering" (handout). Slides.

Saturday evening:  Rich Knopp, "Truth and Tolerance" (handout).


Additional Resources

Email your questions or comments (before, during, or after the event).


For a list of other presentations and resources by Rich Knopp, click HERE.