By Neil Postman


               500 B.C.                              1500                                1850                             2003                                                                                                                        Telegraph


                                                                                                            Photography   Computer    



1.  WORD                  EAR                UNDERSTOOD                    EXPOSITION

     IMAGE                 EYE                 RECOGNIZED                      ENTERTAINMENT


2.  LANGUAGE                     AUDIO                       PRINTED

IMAGE                             VISUAL                      TELEVISED


3.  IDEOLOGY                                  WHAT YOU STAND FOR

     COSMETICS                                HOW YOU LOOK    


4.  RATIONAL DISCOURSE                      EXCHANGE IDEAS             TALK

      EMOTIONAL POWER                          EXCHANGE IMAGES                     ENTERTAIN


5.  DISCIPLINE                                REFLECTION                                   DEVOTION

      SHOWMANSHIP                       APPLAUSE                                        DIVERSION


6.  PERMANENCE                           CONTINUITY                                   COHERENCE

     VARIETY                                      SENSATIONAL                             FRAGMENTED


7.  GROUP COHESION                                                       GROWTH

      INDIVIDUAL PURSUITS                                              CONTENTMENT


      CONGREGATION                                 SERVANT                             REQUIREMENT

 CROWD                                                 CELEBRITY                          CHOICE


8.  All the above categories are completely rejected in postmodern deconstructionism, where there is no truth, leaving only divergence and tolerance.  The right hemisphere of the brain is a scenerio expressed in the great books and the classics of western civilization, and the ideology of the left hemisphere of the brain shapes education as a tool for social engineering for the creation of utopian societies that are described almost exclusively in political and economic terms.  The education model of the far right is paternalistic, the adult education of the far left is messianic, interested only in class struggles and oppression.  This conflict of educational models is expressed in constant attention to liberation and emancipation from socio/economic condition, i.e., neo marxism controls the academy. (adult education and worldview construction by l. Leon mckenzie, ed.d. (malabar, fl: krieger pub. Co., 1991).