(From Creeds to Core Values to World Views)


Ca. ½ of American preachers hold a biblical world view while infrequently informing their congregations.


Most Southern Baptists hold a biblical world view (71%).


Methodists (27%)


Non Southern Baptists—51%


Charismatic or Pentecostal Churches (44%)


Mainline Protestants, e.g., National Association, Council of Churches (28%)


African American Churches (35%)


In the denominations who ordain women, only 15% of female pastors hold a biblical world view.


Those attending Seminary (45%) are less likely to hold a biblical world view (due to anti- Christian postmodern cultural/epistemological relativism which controls the academy).


Younger preachers (56%) are shaped by the relativistic maze of the 1960Ős (Margaret Mead and Thomas Kuhn) and are less likely to have a biblical world view than older preachers (50%), i.e., it is true because I believe it--Fideism).


Barna states that the figures are worse among church members.  This suggests that merely preaching good sermons and offering helpful programs does not enable most believers to develop a practical and scriptural theological base to shape their lives, acquiring a biblical world view requires much more effort than memorizing James SiresŐ code list.


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