In our post modern culture there is an enormous literature, too often merely re-inventing the wheel, on the Restoration Movement.  (This author would prefer to talk of the Restoration Heritage rather than a Movement.)  Some crucial recent bibliography is – The Origins of the Restoration Movement:  An Intellectual History by Richard M. Tristano (Atlanta, GA: Glenmary Research Center, 1988) [This is the result of a Roman Catholic doctoral thesis on American religion] 


A book on educational history is The Disciples Colleges: A History by D. Duane Cummins (St. Louis: CBP Press, 1987). 


William R. Baker, editor, Evangelicalism and The Stone-Campbell Movement (IVP, 2002).  These essays largely are again re-inventing the wheel.  Two issues are not politically correct in our post modern cultural evaluation—authority and tradition, but see the following papers: 


“What Christian Churches/Churches of Christ Believe About Biblical Authority:’ “The Authority of the Church (Roman Catholic Theology from Classical to Contemporary Views)” “Restoration Heritage in Our Post Christian Modern Culture” “Frederick Jackson Turner: The Frontier Thesis in American Historiography”—19th Century Contextualization and Multicultural Pluralsitic Perspective of the Disciples of Christ Historiography.” “Thomas and Alexander Campbell’s Hermeneutic (Restoration Hermeneutic in our Post Christian Culture)” “The Restoration Heritage: Restoration Hermeneutic in Context of the Intellectual and Cultural Milieu of American Thought.”                                                       


Turner’s Frontier Thesis was the controlling voice in early Disciples’ Church History from the University of Chicago, and it is an expression utilizing the metaphor of the frontier; it was grounded in the Marxian view of history that the socio-economic- political factors shaped the theological expression.  This is not true.


(The above essays are available on the web site for Lincoln Christian College and Seminary (


This bibliography is in no way comprehensive.  Other works relating to particular areas will be added at the time of discussion.  Discipliana, a publication of the Disciples of Christ Historical Society in Nashville, TN, has many valuable bibliographies in the areas included in this bibliography.  For example—Alexander Campbell, May and September issues, 1960; Thomas Campbell, January issue, 1961; Walter Scott, May issue, 1961. 


Valuable bibliographical information may also be found in some of the historical works such as those of Garrison and DeGroot, J.D. Murch, Earl West, and A.C. Watters.  John T. Brown’s work, Churches of Christ, contains much historical and biographical information.







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(Note:  The August, 1959 issue of Discipliana lists many unpublished theses containing historical information concerning the churches in these and other states.  Check also the work by Spencer, Theses of the Disciples of Christ and Related Religious Groups. See also Garrison and DeGroot, The Disciples of Christ, chapters 11, 12, 13; Murch, Christians Only, chapter 8; and J.T. Brown, Churches of Christ.


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