When a man howls or shouts or threatens, we other animals understand him very well! Then his attention is not in that other world! But he barks in a way all his own--he speaks. And this has enabled him to invent what does not exist and to overlook what exists. As soon as he gives a thing a name he ceases to see the thing itself; he only hears the name that he gave it or sees it written. . . . For him, everything in the world is merely a pretext for talking to other men or for talking to himself. (Funeral oration by Orfeo the dog on Augusto the man , in Miguel de Unamuno’s novel, Mist.) R. Harland, Superstructuralism


1900                 Freud: Dir Traumdeutung

1901-2               Durkheim and Mauss: ‘De quelques formes primitives de classification’

1907-11 Saussure delivers his course in General Linguistics

1912                 Durkheim: Les Formes elementaires de la vie religieuse

1925                 Mauss: Essai sur le don

1933-9               Kojeve lectures at l’Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes

1936                 Lacan presents a paper on ‘La Stade du miroir’ to the International                                                       Psychoanalytic Association

1939                 Benveniste: ‘Nature du signe linguistique’

1941                 Levi-Strauss and Jakobson meet at the New York School of Social Research

1943                 Hjelmslev: Omkring Sprogteoriens Grundloeggelse

1949                 Levi Strauss: Les Structures elementaires de la parente’

1953                 Paris Psychoanalytic Association splits; Lacan delivers “Discours de Rome’

1956                 Lacan begins his Seminars

1957                 Barthes: Mythologies

1960                 Founding of Tel Quel

1961                 Foucault: Folie et deraison: histoire de la folie a’ l’age classique

1963                 Levi-Strauss: Le Totemisme aujourd’hui and La Pensee sauvage

1964                 Barthes: Elements de semiologie

1965                 Althusser: Pour Marx and Lire le Capital (original edition)

1966                 Foucault: Les Mots et les choses

1967                 Barthes: Systeme de la mode

Derrida: L’Ecriture et la difference, De la grammatologie, La Voix et la                                                 phenomene

1968                 Student revolution in Paris (May)

1969                 Foucault: L’Archeologie du savoir; Kristeva: Semeuotixe (Greek)

1972                 Baudrillard: Pour une critique de l’economie politique du signe

1973                 Baudrillard: Le Miroir de la production

1975                 Foucault: Surveiller et punir

1976                 Foucault: Histoire de la sexualite: Volume I