Leadership With A Vision


This outline is adapted from Schwartz, Christian A., Natural Church Development: A Guide to Eight Essential Qualities of Healthy Churches (Church Smart Resources, St. Charles, IL, 4th edition, 2000). All the themes are derived from the Growth of The Church in the Book of Acts.


1.  Empowering Leadership With A Vision


Equip others to serve as a change agent (Eph. 4. 11,12)


2.  Gift-Oriented Ministry


3.  Passionate Spirituality


Prayer - corporate and personal (pray at a special time each day- prayers in the Bible)

Contagious Faith


4.  Functional Structures - Methods and Principles


Traditionalism - hardening of the arteries


5.  Inspiring Worship - Get rid of a dead service


A matter of style

Plan and Practice


6.  Wholistic Small Groups


Fellowship and Friends for support and accountability


7.  Need-Oriented Evangelism in Jesus’ Name


Pat Merold - rented a house for abused women and children in St. Louis

Making a difference - 13,500 Muslims treated “we will protect you”


8.  Loving Relationships


Love is of God

Spend time with each other outside of church services