The Cosmic Orphan Meets The Risen Lord--Luke 24


Introduction: Copernicus, Darwin, Marx, And Freud


Pope’s Essay On Man:


Man’s creative powers cause him to believe that he was the wonder of the world!


After the first scientific revolution (Galileo and Newton in the 17th and 18th centuries): Galileo became the lord of the universe; celestial mechanics excluded god from the heavens.


Newton’s mechanics dethroned god as the lord of the earth!!


Comte’s positivism removed god from social structures.


Freud’s reductionism excluded god from the inner man, thus arises the psychological subconscious, i.e., the non-rational man.


From this move to Kantian constructivism, Hegel and Marx


Examples:   the Jesus Seminar--the PBS special “From Jesus to Christ;” Charles Colson stated that the eight men in the Nixon inner circle decided they “would not die for a lie;” Colonel Krishner could endure his imprisonment during the Viet Nam War as long as there was hope of release, but when he learned that he had been lied to, he lost his hope and died; an undercover journalist died on death row from fear, not execution.


What is the impact of these influences on the Restoration heritage?!!