Galatians 5.1 - Christ Set You Free

John 8.32 - Truth Shall Set You Free


Memories--The 4th Of July 2000--The Need And Search For Freedom


Freedom From Sin And Death

Freedom To Do The Will Of Christ

The French Revolution--Freedom From The Catholic Church

The American Revolution--Freedom From English Domination

The Russian Revolution--Freedom From The Czar


Last Week The Breaking Of The Gene Code--A Direct Attack On Freedom, Integrity And Character


Freedom, Integrity And Character


Little Elian Gonzalez Lost His Freedom When He Went Home To Live In Cuban Communism


For Our 4th Of July Celebration Let Us Recover The Concern For Freedom Of Speech, Freedom Of The Press, Freedom Of Religion And Freedom To Bear Arms.


Two Mortal Enemies Were The Enlightenment And The First Amendment. According To George Washington, Freedom Was Possible Because Of Biblical Foundation.


                  Warned Of Entanglement In The Affairs Of Foreign Nations

                  Emphasized The Necessity Of Decency And Morality In Government

                  Understood That Freedom Rested On Biblical Principles In Both Public And Private Life.

                  Washington Understood That Character Matters.

                  Duties Of Public Life Must Be Undergirded With Religious And Moral Values.


Without These, Man Is Left To Paths That Will Destroy The Very               Foundations Of A Free Society.


Freedom Without Moral Restraint Will Always Produce Actions Which Are Irresponsible And Will Always Result In A License To Usurp Powers Not Delegated By God Or Government.


Freedom Comes Rarely Upon The Stage Of History.

Freedom Is So Precious It Must Be Protected.


Washington Was A Disciple Of Freedom. He Remains First In War, First In Peace, And First In The Hearts Of His Countrymen.


                  Freedom Of The First Amendment Did Not Mean That America Was To Be A Nation Free Of Religious Influence, Thus Two Mortal Enemies--The Enlightenment And The Christian Faith--Found Common Ground In The United States Of America. The New Government Should Neither Establish Nor Interfere With The Church. This Reasoning Led To The Adoption Of The First Amendment In Order To Protect The Individual’s Right To Freedom Of Conscience And Expression, And To Prevent The Establishment Of A State Church.


                  John Adams Said, “Our Constitution Was Made Only For A Mortal And Religious People.

It Is Wholly Inadequate For The Government Of Any Other.”


The Reading Of Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address:


                  Freedom In Our Politically Correct Culture: We Have Come A Long Way Since 1776. “We Are No Longer In Kansas, Toto” (Dorothy In The Wizard Of Oz Movie) The Biblical View Of Freedom Is Grounded In The Grace Of God, Not In The Socio-Economic And Political Efforts To Free Mankind From Poverty, Disease, Ignorance, And All Forms Of Tyranny. All Forms Of Political Efforts To Form The Good Society Are All Failures.


“For Freedom Did God Set Us Free” From Sin And Death. Our Challenge This 4th Of July, 2000 Is To Understand The Weakness Of All Efforts To Produce Free Men Without These Efforts Being Grounded Into The Grace Of God! In Our Post Modern Culture, Freedom, Truth And Character Are Under Fire. Let Us Not Pass Through Another 4th Of July Of Freedom Without A Christian Response To Our Present Cultural Malaise. Let Us Celebrate Our Freedom In Christ--Alone!



Dr. James Strauss

Lincoln, Il 62656