These postmodern educational modes introduce us to massive immorality. There is an enormous anti-Christian bias in Disney, Fox, and ABC media expression of postmodern immorality. In the TV show, Ally McBeal, which was on Fox (12.21.98), a man and two women ask the law firm to petition the courts for the right to marry. The man is already married to one of the women and his mistress has borne him a child out of wedlock. It is the strong defense of polygamy. Richard, head of the firm, says he cannot take the case because he is already “fornicating” with the judge. The situation gets worse. Ally successfully argues in court to have the judge put a woman in a coma so she can enjoy her “dream world” when the woman remarks to a priest, “God, forgive me” and Ally answers emphatically, “She will!”


                  In LA. Doctors (CBS, 1.11.99), one doctor is consulted by a mom who is convinced that his 17 year old daughter is pregnant. As it turns out, she is on steroids preparing for a sex change operation when she turns 18. Her mother remains against such surgery, but the episode ends, it appears, that the father intends to help the daughter through this stressful event.


                  On ABC, in an episode of The Practice (1.3.99) sex is the only subject of this program. Eugene gets a call for help from his friend, Jerry, who has been arrested for soliciting sex with another man. Jerry is a married father and is also a cross dresser. Another sub plot focuses on a local politician, the man who tried to pick up Jerry.


                  The episode of Will and Grace (NBC, 1.5.99) contained sexual humor about homosexuality, transvestites, adultery, fornication, prostitution, lust genitals and breasts. It also takes repeated swipes at Christianity. When Grace criticizes a neighbor for cheating on her husband, Will sarcastically calls her “Church lady” and jokes about breaking the commandment against sexual covetousness (see particularly the vital journal, The American Family Association, March, 1999).


                  One of the most vital issues of “Christian education” for our post modern culture is to inform the Church, especially parents and young people, about the powerful anti-Christian forces expressed in on-line Internet--pornography, homosexuality and all forms of perversion, and the need for the viewers to accept “sexual perversion” as only a private alternative life style, and that it is no one else’s business as long as it happens among consenting adults and does not interfere with “work” (e.g. the immorality of The White House).


                  Patricia Neil Warren, a lesbian author, writes, “whoever captures the kids, owns the future.” The response of these gnostic gurus to every “Christian response” is an attack on “religious extremism.


Dr. James Strauss, Lincoln Christian Seminary