Pentecost and The Purpose of The Church


Texts: Genesis 11; Exodus 23.6; Acts 2


A. Two Mandates in The Bible

1. Genesis 1 - Dominion mandate

2. Acts 2 - Evangelism mandate

B. Pentecost - Renewal of the Covenant (Exodus 19, the Sinai Covenant)

C. The Purpose of The Church

1. The Purpose of the Restoration Heritage

2. The Purpose of Bible Colleges.

D. Authentic Witness: Return to the Source (The Day of Pentecost affirms four vital things:)

A. Pentecost affirms the Unity and Purpose of God as revealed in the Word of God

1. The Promise (Genesis 3.15; 11; 12.1f; 21-22; 37-45)

2. The Person “All that Jesus began to teach and to do” (Acts 1.1f; Ps. 16; 110)

3. The People (Joel 2.28f; Acts 2)

4. The Center --Christ and Scripture

B. Pentecost affirms the Unity and Purpose of God as revealed in The Spirit

1. The coming of the Spirit to all believers (Joel 2.28f; Jn 16.13, 14, 18; Ez. 11.19; 36

2. Spirit as the giver of life (Acts 7.54; I Cor 10.1-4; II Cor 5.17; Rom 4.18f; Gal 28,29;          

6.4ff; 8.13ff; I Peter 1.10,11)

The function of the Spirit in the re-creation of fallen universe; The Church is the

Epistle of Christ written to the world (II Cor 8.3-6; Gal 5.15)                                

In Christ - In The Spirit:

To Be (I Cor 1.30; Romans 8.9)

To speak (I Cor 12.3; II Cor 1.27)

To be Sanctified (Romans 15.16; I Cor 1.2)

To be Justified (I Cor 6.11) “Justified in the name of the Lord Jesus and in the Spirit of our God” (Romans 8.11ff.)

Life-giving Spirit (John 6.63; 14-16) Jesus, Disciples, Witness, World

3. The Spirit as First Fruits--in Paul, three places mentioned earnest and first fruits (II Cor 1.22; 5.5; Eph 1.14; Rom 8.23). Only here first fruits (Spirit of Promise (Eph 1.13,14) Pentecost, a new era of eternal life

C. Pentecost affirms the Unity and Purpose of God for Action vs. Spiritual Declension

Resist not (Acts 7.51); Quench not (I Thess 5.19); Grieve not (Eph 4.30)


The Witnessing Church (Acts 1.8) Dramatic action at the beginning of the New Testament Church - Pentecost - “Authentic Witness” “Originating Source

1. Witnessing Spirit (Acts 2.3,4) Fact of presence; power of presence, effects of presence

2. Paraclete (John 14.15ff.)

3. Actions: Witnessing in Word and Deed

a. Neither silver nor gold (Acts 3 and 4)

b. Cross-cultural communication (Acts 6)

Dr. James Strauss, Lincoln, IL