1.   Rejection Of History And The Past In Favor Of Reason


2.   Institutions And Traditions Inherited From The Past Had To Give Way To Reason And Science. Religion, Marriage And The Family Had To Be Supplanted By The State. The State Became Man's Vehicle Of Salvation.


3.   The Christian Doctrine Of Man As A Sinner Was Abandoned. Man's Nature Was Neutral, If Not Good And Perfectible.


4.   The Rule Of Society Must Be In The Hands Of The Enlightened Ones, The Elite.


5.   Basic To This View, Faith Is That Man And Society Must Be Humanistic, Not Christian.


6.   Science Must Replace Religion As The Source Of Judgment And Authority (See H.G. Reventlow, The Authority Of The Bible And The Rise Of The Modern World (Fortress Press, E.T., 1985).


7.   Biblical View Of Sin And Punishment Are Replaced With Psychotherapy. (U.S. News And World Report Item, 12.10.90 & 3.25.91)


8.   Conscription Came In The French Revolution. The Professional Army Is Replaced With State Created Army And A Hold On Youth.


9.   Foreign Policy Is Given Priority Over Domestic Or Internal Affairs. The Goal Of Politics Has A World Scope, Not A Local One.


10. The New God Is Man Or Humanity And The Goal Is "To Be Truly Human" Which Means To Be Stripped Of All Religious And Moral Standard And Faith, Derived From Supernatural Revelation," I.E., The Desacralization And Demythologization Of Reality.


11. The World’s Economic Problem Is Seen As One Of Distribution, Not Production (Cf. Entitlement, Rights And Welfare).


12. Power Is Centralized In The State (Cf. The Coup Attempt In Russia’s 70 Hour Plus Coup, August 1991).


13. Reality Is Seen As Basically Impersonal, Ruling Out The Christian God, Out Creator, Redeemer.


14. The New Established Church Becomes The State School (See Bloom, Hirsch, Nash And My Three Essays On Western Education).


15. There Is An Increasing Control Over Private Property And A Virtual Confiscation By Local And Federal Taxation.


The Brave New World Of The Enlightenment


1.   The Demise Of Natural Law, At Least In Its Augustinian Sense, As Grounded In A Personal Law Giver: (A) Newtonian Science Removed God From The Cosmos; (B) Lockean Psychology Removed Him From Man; And (C) Comtean Sociology Removed Him From Society.


2.   The Collapse Of Aristotle’s Hierarchy Of Being As An Interpretive Schema Of All Reality.


3.   The New Hope Was Grounded In The Power Of Reason.


4.   The Promise Of Science: Salvic Method.


5.   The Prospect Of Utopia: Social Peace, Prosperity And Progress.


6.   Education As The Messianic Source Of Renewed Humanity And Society. Happiness Is Man’s Summum Bonum, Attainable Only Through Adequate Education.


7.   Autonomous Reason, I.E., The Law Of Reason Was In Harmony With The Law Of Nature, And Both Could Discover The Law Of Society And Produce The New Earth. God Becomes Irrelevant For Explaining And Understanding The Cosmos, Man As A Sinner In Need Of Redemption, And Reasons For Social Disorder. Despair And Powerless Existentialism, Romanticism And Mysticism Seek To Fell The Word.


(Louis I. Bredvold, The Brave New World Of The Enlightenment (Ann Arbor: University Of Michigan Press, 1962).


The Postmodern Foundations Of Anti Science


1.   There Is No Scientific Certitude.


2.   The Illusory Nature Of The Ideal Of Objectivity.


3.   The Illusory Nature Of Definitions.


4.   The Illusory Nature Of The Absolute Truthfulness Of Mathematics.


5.   The Illusory Nature Of ‘Factual’ Truth.


6.   The Breakdown Of The Mechanical Concept Of Causality.


7.   The Principle Importance Of Potentialities And Tendencies.


8.   Not The Essence Of "Factors" But Their Relationship Counts.


9.   The Principles Of ‘Classical’ Logic Are No Longer Unconditional.


10. At The End Of The Modern Age The Cartesian Partition Falls Away.

Ten Presuppositions Of Postmodern New Age


1.   “God” Is Totally Synonymous With Creation--“All Is One.”


2.   God As Principle, Universal Law, Vibration Or Energy--“It” Not “Him.” The Holy Spirit Is An Impersonal Force.


3.   Humanity Is Good--A Part Of God.


4.   Christ’s Death, Resurrection And Atonement For Sin Is Unnecessary And Irrelevant. There Is No Forgiveness.


5.   Cyclical View Of History And Humanity. Problems Of Evil And Suffering Are Never Resolved. There Is No Redemption.


6.   The Physical World Is Illusory Or A Projection Of Consciousness.


7.   Works Of Righteousness--You Save Yourself.


8.   God Inherits The Imperfection Of The World.


9.   Language, Doctrine And Written Revelation Are Inadequate, Meaningless, And A Barrier To Experience Of Enlightenment.


10. There Is An Endless And Confusing Stream Of ‘God-Men.’


The Response Of The Church


1.   God Is Eternally Transcendent, “Other” Than Creation.


2.   God Is A Personality Or Infinite Person/He Is Holy And To Be Worshipped/The Holy Spirit Is A Person.


3.   Humanity Is Fallen And Sinful/Moral Evil Is A Reality. Satan Is A Personal, Wicked Entity With His Will Set Against God.


4.   Existence Of Evil Necessitates God's Action. Forgiveness Is Offered By The Death Of Christ To Atone For Sin, John 3.16, Rom.5.8


5.   Linear View Of History And Each Individual--Heb. 7.15-18; 9.12.


6.   Cosmology, The Physical World Is Real And Good, Although Fallen.


7.   Free Grace, Atonement, Forgiveness, Ephesians 2.8,9.


8.   God's Perfection Is Not Affected By The Imperfection Of The World, Although He Is Moved To Compassion (James 1.7, John 11.35)


9.   Human Language Is Rooted In Reality--Bible Is Adequate To Transmit God's Message To Humanity (John 1.1,13)


10. Jesus Of Nazareth As The Unique, One-Time Incarnation Of God