(Genesis 1.1; 5.13; Isaiah 7.10ff.; Matt 11.18; Lk 2.36)



What did the Grinch do to steal Christmas?


Charles Dickinson book, The Christmas Carol--Christmas past, Christmas present, Christmas future

Is Scrooge still alive in the 21st Century?


If Scrooge, The Grinch and The Mall do not kill Christmas our consumer culture will--Christmas is about Christ, not us.


THEY STOLE CONFIDENCE--our confidence has been radically shifted from God and Christ to preoccupation with Josef esteem, i.e., self identity via wealth and possessions--Theology of Nothings


THEY STOLE THE INNOCENCE OF YOUTH-we are no longer children.  We have guilt for not possessing things to establish our self image.


THEY STOLE COMMUNION--We lost much of our relationship to the Christ of the Cradle and The Christ of The Cross.  We have lost time to pray and to worship and have devotions.


THEY STOLE INHERITANCE--our inheritance is not things--it is His presence in the Kingdom of God.


THEY STOLE CHRISTMAS by the modern consumer culture--Christmas is a multi-billion dollar business involving marketing, tele-marketing, imaging success and consumerism (needs).


Four factors shape our postmodern culture: (1) IMAGING; (2) SUCCESS: (3) CONSUMPTION and (4) THE SEARCH FOR SELF ESTEEM.


The Challenge of The Christmas Message in our consumer-Post Modern Culture!!!


Influences over Christmas of 2001--Music, MTV, The Mall, Journalism and Media (see my paper, Other Gospel According to The Timeout.



James Strauss

Professor Emeritus

Lincoln, IL 62656