World Views In Conflict: Abraham, Moses, David, Israel, Prophets, Jesus--The Early Church To The Present


The OT--Promise/Covenant To The Nt--Jesus, The Messiah


The Origin Of The Church--Matthew 16; Acts 2


1.  Acts 2 - Church Growth Within Jewish Context (Chps 1-12) Till Gentile Christianity (Chps 13-28)


2.  The Fall Of Jerusalem (70 Ad) Destruction Of The Temple And The Priesthood


3.  Realities Of The Empire--Council Of Nicea (325 Ad) E.g. Hebrews


4.  Doctrine, Politics And Life In The Word (Council Of Chalcedon (451 Ad)


5.  Monastic Rescue Of The Church--Benedicts Rule (530 Ad)


6.  Culmination Of Christendom--The Coronation Of Charlemagne (800 Ad) (Sacerdotalism)


7.  Beginnings Of Protestantism--Diet Of Worms (1521 Ad) Augustine, Calvin, Luther


8.  New Europe--The English Act Of Supremacy (1534)


9.  Catholic Reform And World Wide Outreach-The Founding Of The Jesuits (1540 Ad)


10. New Piety--The Conversion Of The Wesley Brothers (1738)


11. Discontinuity Of The Modern World--The French Revolution (1789)


12. Restoration Heritage And Denomination Diversity (Thomas      Campbell’s “The Declaration And Address”, 1809)


13. Scientific Revolution, Hermeneutic Revolution, Economics      Revolution, Etc, Scientific Method And Modernism


14. “Faith For All The World”--The Edinburgh Missionary Conference (1910)


15. World War I--1914-1918


16. The Great Depression--Revivalism--Dwight L. Moody, Et.Al.


17. The Grapes Of Wrath, Elmer Gantry--Fundamentalist/Modernist Controversy


18. World War II (1941-45)--1946-1964 70 Million Live Births, The   “Baby Boomers”


19. The Counter Culture--The 1960’s


20. Resurgent Cults And Occult (1960-1970)


21. The Youth Culture--“Generation X”


22. Postmodernism Enters The Cultural Arena By The 1980’s


23. Essence Of Post Modernism Is The Denial Of “True Truth” And Objectivity


24. Impact On Media And Education--Multiculturalism


25. Hermeneutic Of Suspension--Secularism, Diversity,      Privatization, Tolerance, Pluralism--Christian Conviction Is Under Attack!


26. Post Modern Turning Points--Denial Of Truth, Anti Science, Historical Revisionism, Resurgent New Age Pantheism


27. From Russia--Alexander Solzhenitsyn And George Florosky; From England--C.S. Lewis, G.K. Chesterton, Dorothy Sayer, John R.W. Stott; From Albania--Mother Teresa (1910-1997); From The Usa--Billy Graham, Martin Luther King (1929-1968); From Switzerland - Karl Barth (1886-1968); From Poland--Pope John Paul II; From Germany--Dietrich Bonhoeffer (1906-1945), Martin Niemueller, Hans Von Balthasar (1908-1988)


Turning Points:


World Of Revolutions--French, Russian, Chinese

Rise And Spread Of Pentecostalism--Charismatic Emphasis

Second Vatican Council Of The Roman Catholic Church (1962-65)

Emergence Of Radical Feminism/Cultural Revolution

Massive Production Of Bibles--Bible Translations--Globalization Of Christianity

Survival Of Christianity Under The Communist Regime

Multiculturalism (Education)

Bill Gates (Computers, Videos, Internet, E-Mail, Pornography); see Neil Postman, Amusing Ourselves To Death


See David Barnett, World Christian Encyclopedia (NY: Oxford, 1982).

“Go To All The World”--“I Will Be With You Always To The End”