Turning Points in The History of the Church

From the First to the 21st Century


1. The Church Pushed Out on Its Own: The Fall of Jerusalem (70)


2. Realities of Empire: The Council of Nicaea (325)


3. Doctrine, Politics, and Life in the Word: The Council of Chalcedon (451)


4. The Monastic Rescue of the Church: Benedict’s Rule (530)


5. The Culmination of Christendom: The Coronation of Charlemagne (800)


6. Division between East and West: The Great Schism (1054)


7. The Beginnings of Protestantism: The Diet of Worms (1521)


8. A New Europe: The English Act of Supremacy (1534)


9. Catholic Reform and Worldwide Outreach: The Founding of the Jesuits (1540)


10. The New Piety: The Conversion of the Wesleys (1738)


11. Discontents of the Modern West: The French Revolution (1789)


12. Restoration Heritage: Alexander/Thomas Campbell’s “Sermon on The Law” and “The Last Will and Testament”- Leadership for Tomorrow, Restoration Heritage in Cultural Context.


13. A Faith for All the World: The Edinburgh Missionary Conference (1910)


14. Further Turning Points in Our Heritage in the Twentieth Century--


Resurgence of “Open Membership”

Evangelical Shift in “Openness Theology”



(see my articles--”Restoration Attitudes About Biblical Authority, Church and Culture;” and “Hermeneutics of Alexander and Thomas Campbell”


15. The New Challenge of Tolerance, Terrorism, Diversity in Post Modern Multiculturalism in our Global Village (1980's - 2002) - After 9.11.01


Leviticus 25, Isaiah 61, Luke 4


James D. Strauss