For decades, Dr. James D. Strauss emphasized "worldview thinking" in his teaching and writing. The WorldViewEyes website is pleased to host over 350 Strauss documents to challenge your mind and deepen your Christian commitment.

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Apologetics and Worldviews

Historical Theology and the Restoration Heritage World Religions, Cults and the Occult, and New Age
Bible, Biblical Theology, Church, and Spirituality Law Published Works: Books, Articles, and Booklets
Communication, Epistemology, Hermeneutics, and Language Promise Theology and Theology of Grace Unpublished Works: Theses and Tracks
Cultural Analysis and Historical Philosophy Science and the Philosophy of Science Sermon and Lecture Tapes
Education The Social Sciences and the Christian Faith  

Apologetics and Worldviews

A Basic Bibliography for: Apologetics, Postmodern Concerns, Science, and Worldviews
Answering Post Modern Skeptics
Apologetics After the Enlightenment
Apologetics in the New Age
Barna Report on World Views
Apologetics and World Views
The Christian Faith in a World of Unbelief
C.S. Lewis’s Legacy of Apologetic Literature
The Creator in the Dock: World Views in Conflict
Dr. Strauss’ Strategy for Understanding Christian Reality
Every Thought Captive (Battle for the Mind)
Five Faces of Atheism
How to Reach Secular People
Lordship, Parameters, and Paradigms
Putting it all Together: Developing a Christian World View
Truth is Stranger Than it Used to be: World Views in Conflict
Visigoth World View
Conversion, Conviction, Discipleship 3
Creation and Redemption  4
The Elephant and the Blind Man: World Views in Conflict  6
Ideals of Leadership 10
Whatever Happened to Apologetics in Our Postmodern Culture?  2
What is a Worldview?  1
Worship Wars And A Postmodern Culture  6

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Bible, Biblical Theology, Church, and Spirituality
Acts 1.8 and 2.7: The Lordship of Christ and the Mission and Growth of the Church
Acts 15: Christ, The Gospel, and Cultural Conflict
Agents for Change: The Human Factor in Fulfilling God’s Purpose for the Church
Authentic Christianity in Our Post-Modern Global Village
Authentic Living Like Jesus: Eleven Characteristics
Baptism and Our Ultimate Citizenship ( Sermon )
Biblical Challenges to The Church in the World
Biblical Criticism (Bibliography)
Biblical Dimensions of Christian Spirituality: Mapping Our Spiritual Journey
Biblical Images of God—Who Is There and Is Not Silent
The Book of Acts, The Gospel, and The Gospels
Burying The Gravediggers—Once More
Matthew 16:16ff ‘and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it.’
Characteristics of A Mature Church
Christ or Pluralism: Man’s Search For Salvation
Church Growth From Acts
Church Growth and Ministry (Bibliography)
Church Polity
The Church With a Vision (Acts 13:1-3 and Matt 16:16)
* Covenant in Critical Reconstruction: Creation & Covenant
The Devils Advocate and the Resurrection ( Sermon )
Discipleship: Bonhoeffer Vs. Yoder
Discipleship: Celebration Of Deliverance
Discipleship- Summons to Adventure ( Sermon )
Distinctive Marks of Christian Leadership ( Sermon )
The Doctrine of Creation
Ephesians 4: Unity in Our Fragmented Post-Modern World
Ephesians Chronology
Evil: A Biblical Analysis Of A Philosophical Problem
The Expected Messiah ( Sermon )
The Fourth Temptation (Matt 4) ( Sermon )
Faith Hall of Fame (Hebrews 11) ( Sermon )
Followers of the Lamb: Discipleship in the Book of Revelation
God in the Thought of Martin Buber
Gods on the Move ( Sermon )
The Gospel of John’s Unity ( Sermon)    
The Gospel of Romans and Nightmare in Camelot ( Sermon )
The Great Scandal of: ‘No Other Name’ ( Sermon )
* His Promise, His Prophecy And His Presence: The Return of Jesus Christ And The Future (Biblical View Of History)
(‘In no other name’ — Acts 4:12)

Holiness and Wholeness
The Holy Spirit
The Holy Spirit in the Age of Spirits
The Holy Spirit: Problem at Corinth
The Holy Spirit and the Mission of the Church
The Holy Spirit: Relationship with the Father, the Son, Disciples, and the World
Jesus’ Authority (Matt: 8.17) ( Sermon )
Jesus’ Compassion (Matt 9-10) ( Sermon )
Jesus’ Divisiveness (Matt 10) ( Sermon )
Jesus’ Mission: New Wine Skins (Matt 9.1-17) ( Sermon )
Jesus’ Trustworthiness (Matt 9.18) ( Sermon ) 
Jesus Under Fire (Rom 5) ( Sermon )
Jesus the Story (in the O.T.)
* Johannine Epistles/Romans: Christian Faith: Belief And Behavior System
John 20:30-31: The Great Explanation ( Sermon )
John 3.22 ( Sermon )
* The Kosmos (World) in N. T. Theology Reordering The Kosmos: (Creation - Nature -History)
The Last Days According To Jesus, Paul and John
Leadership, Discipleship, Stewardship
Man's Search for Someone to Worship and Somewhere to Belong: The Influence of the Epistle to the Romans Throughout the Centuries
* Maranatha: the King is Coming
New Wine Skins for the Secular Age ( Sermon )
Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Quest for the Historical Jesus  
The Only Expected Man in the World's History
Pentecost and the Purpose of  the Church ( Sermon )
* Planning with The Promise: Going Forward by Sloughing off Yesterday (Leadership)
Premillennial Dispensationalism
The Quest for the Historical Jesus
The Resurrection Connection
Revival and Globalization
Romans: The Gospel According To Paul
The Search for the Wrong Heretical Jesuses
Shopping for Faith (Hebrews 1:1-1.4)
The Social Gospel
Ten Themes for the Christian Life (Romans 5)
Theology of the Book of Revelation
Three Faces of Death: East, West, and Christian
Truth to Tell ( Sermon )
Turning Points in the History of the Church
Watchman: What of The Night?’: Disciple Building
Who Sets the Agenda?--Historical Context (Matt 28) ( Sermon )
Will the Authentic Jesus Please Stand Up (Matt 8.18-34) ( Sermon )
* The Word Of Life in Our Humpty-Dumpty World (I John 1:1-4)
Authentic Witness In Acts 4
Baptism and Our Ultimate Citizenship in the Temple of Relevance  5
Celebrating Liberation (The Lord’s Table) (Sermon)  2
The City of God is the Goal of the Kingdom of God  2
The Deity of Christ Under Fire: Creation, Incarnation  1
Discipleship: The Agony of Choosing (Sermon)  2
Five Features of the Last Word on Worship  3
God's Peace In Our Fragmented Culture: God's Shalom And World Evangelism 3
Historical Revisionism In Our Worship Wars Calendars, Dates, Sabbaths And Lord's Day 11
Ideals of Leadership 10
Idols For Destruction (Hosea 8.41) Idolatry In The Old and New Testaments 4
Israel, Abrahamic-Davidic Covenant And The Church 4
Jesus: Discipleship, Lordship, And The Kingdom  8
Jesus and Qumran: Eight Differences  2
Johannine Epistles/Romans: Christian Faith: Belief And Behavior System 6
The Kosmos (World) in N. T. Theology Reordering the Kosmos: (Creation - Nature - History) 4
The Lordship of Christ and the New Age Movement  4
Maranatha:  The King Is Coming  6
Names for God in the Old Testament 13
Planning with the Promise: Going Forward by Sloughing Off Yesterday 3
The Power Of The Passion: The Christ, The Crucifixion, And The Concentration Camps 7
Promise and Pilgrims and Journey of Resident Aliens  4
Seven Seductive Substitutes for Worship  3
Stewardship, Property and Poverty in The Early Church  3
Word of Life (John 1:1-4)  3
Worship Wars And A Postmodern Culture   6

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Communication, Epistemology, Hermeneutics, and Language

Amusing Ourselves to Death
Between Rationalism and Empiricism (Part 1 of 3)
Chronology, Super-Structuralism
Contra Relativism: Ten Universal Truths
Definitions of Postmodernism
Demise of Language as Truth
Demise of Truth in Religious Pluralism (find also under Religions below)
Epistemology, Hermeneutics, and Character Development
The Great Inversion: The Postmodern Rage Against Reason
Hermeneutics, History, Truth, and Story
Hermeneutics and Structuralism: Truth and Meaning
Historical Origins of Multicultural Relativism
The Long Day’s Journey of the Death of Reason (Part 3 of 3)
Tracking the Maze from Foundationalism to Non-Foundationalism
Language, Truth and Logic: Dates and Isms
Loss of Transcendence
Man Continues to Search for Meaning and Certitude in 2004
Merchants of Commercialism: The Postmodern Culture of Sensationalism and Amusement- From Barnum to Barna
The Mirror of the Ministry in the Masters: Images of the Ministry in Literature
Multiplicity of Discourse on Truth
Narrative Displacement and the Corruption of Language
New Hermeneutical Horizons in Logic, Epistemology, and
Language Communication

Philosophical and Psychological Horizons of Hermeneutics
Pike’s Tagmemics
Postmodernism’s Fallacious View Of Reality
Preaching the Gospel for a Post Modern Audience
Preaching the Gospel in Pagan Culture- Again!
The Question Of Truth In Postmodern Inter-religious Pluralism
The Race Towards Immanence
Reality, Scientific Progress, and Freudian Epistemology
Relativism and the Problem of Truth Claims
The Search for a Criteria of Meaning
The Search For Meaning In Our Postmodern Culture
The Search for Truth in Cyber Space
Sociological Hermeneutics
Terrorism Of Truth: Truth And Theory in Postmodern Epistemology
Whatever Happened To True/Truth?
* Word of God
Communicating Christ Cross-Culturally (Preaching and Teaching in a Post-Gutenberg World) 12
Conceptual Connections and Narrative Displacement in Post Modern Homiletics 18
Demise of Rationality  8
From Eye Gate To Ear Gate 11
From the Social Construction to the Misconstruction of Reality 10
Greco-Roman Philosophy And Paul’s Preaching (“In The Fullness Of Time” Acts 17.16-21; I Corinthians 2.1ff.) 3
Hermeneutical Presuppositions and Exegesis: A Hermeneutical Case Study (Is Exegesis Without Presuppositions Possible?) 4
Knowledge, Hermeneutics, and Bernard Lonergan  2
Nietzsche's Step Children: “All Interpretation Is Misinterpretation”  5
The Rush To Relevance: Post Modern Homiletical Revolution  4
The Search for an Ideal Language 11
A Synopsis of  David J. Hesselgrave’s , Communicating Christ Cross-Cultural


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Cultural Analysis and Historical Philosophy

10 Presuppositions of the Modern Period
13 Mega Ideas Which Shape/Affect 2003 Disciples
15 Dominant Intellectual Themes Of The Enlightenment
3 Thieves Who Stole Christmas--Scrooge, The Grench, The Mall
Alienation: From Hegel to Marx
Autopsy of Six Deaths: of God, Man, Culture, History, Science, & the Gravedigger
Beyond Belief To Conviction In Our Sensate Culture
The Brave New World Of The Enlightenment
Chameleons In The Temple Of Tolerance
The Christian Faith & The Historiographical Revolution-Antecedents (Luke 1; Acts 1)
Christian Convictions--Between Chameleons And Musk Oxen
* Closing of the American Mind (Bloom)
The Conflict Between Positivism and Historicism
Contextualization in the Context of Postmodern Multiculturalism
The Cosmic Orphan Meets The Risen Lord--Luke 24
The Cultural Context of Tolerance and Diversity
The Cultural Home Of Generation X—Pluralistic Multiculturalism Beyond Mere Diversity
Cultural Wars In Our Postmodern Culture
Culture Wars’ Organizations
Culture, Education, Ethics, and Politics: Dancing in the Dark
The Decline And Demise Of Western Christian Civilization
Democracy As A Way of Life
Dilthey, Darwin, and Dewey
The Emergence of the Autonomous Man (15 th to 19 th Centuries)
Emergence of Autonomous Man in the West
The Ethics of Kant
“Fools For Christ” Meet the Grave Diggers
Freedom, Truth and Character Under Fire
The Freeman/Mead Controversy And The Death Of Truth
French Existentialism: Christian Faith and Social Science
A French Spokesman of the Fourth Religion: Sartre's Postulatory Atheism and His Ethics of Radical Freedom
From Bellah’s Habits of The Heart to Sires’ Habits of The Mind
From the Counter Culture of the 60s to the Multiculturalism of the 90s: From the Youth Culture to Generation X (Part II)
Future Schlock: Remember the Golden Age
A Generation at Risk in the Field of Dreams
Generation in The Shadows: From Youth and Counter Culture to Generation X
Generation X and Trends Toward Value Clarification: The Postmodern Culture--A Culture Which Proposes Ethics Without Virtue
Generation X’s Search for Meaning
The Gospel According to Disney’s Magical Kingdom
The Gospel According to the New York Times
The Gospel According to The Simpsons
The Idol of History in Our Christian Modern Culture
* Idolatrous Absolutes
Idols for Destruction in Our Postmodern Culture
Idols in The Temple of Tolerance
Job’s Encounter with Architects of the Postmodern Mind
Job in the Temple of Postmodern Tolerance
* The Last Best Hope: Pluralism and the American Identity Crisis
Left Wing Vocabulary: Witnessing in the Temple of Terror
Lost Transcendence in The Post Christian Culture
The Making of the Postmodern Mind—Nihilism
The Lord of All Millenniums:  Major Turning Points
Manifestos in Conflict: Humanism
Mega-shift in Evangelical Models
Some Media Examples of Multicultural Relativism
Modeling and Molding Consciousness and Christian Missions
Models of Modernity: Birth of Post-Modern Culture
Moral Absolutes in Our Boundary-less Post Modern Culture
Paradox Lost: The Great Loss Tension Between Cynicism and Celebration
* Pilgrims Racing Toward the 21 st Century
Postmodernity: Its Shaping Characteristics for God and the Self
Postmodern Manifesto – Decalogue of Decomposition
Post Modern Pluralism: Beyond Mere Diversity
Postmodern Religion and Spirituality But No Truth
Modern Literature in Relationship to Greek and Christian Literature: A New Thematic
*Prepare To Meet Thy Trends: Preventive Education as
The Church Faces The 21st Century
Presupposition of Communication in Postmodern Culture
Presuppositions of Modernism and Post-Modernism
Prophetic Literature for a Postmodern Culture (Bibliography)
The Prophets of Social Desolation
Rewriting of History—Revisionism
Rejection of Judaeo/Christian Morality (Beckwith)
* Science, Secularism, and the Road to Post-Modern Culture
Secularization and Secularism
Sense in a Senseless World: From Utopia to Apocalyptic
Shaping Characteristics of The Enlightenment
The Road to Secularism:  Six Major Cultural Events
* Television: New Teachers of Generation X
The Ten Pillars of Economic Wisdom
Tracking Trends for the Twenty-first Century: Pluralism of Trends
Christian Witness in The Territory of Terrorism
Trends And Triage: The Self Centered Self
Turning Points and Choices: From Christianity to Post-Modernism
Unpacking the Foundations of Modernism and Postmodernism: From Objectivity to Social Construction of Reality
Influences of Darwin on The Academy (William James)
William James: Phenomenology and Pragmatism
Y2K – Apocalypse or Opportunity
Background Of American Pragmatism:19th Century Context of The Victory Of The Darwinian Method 12
Classical Liberalism:  Naturalistic/Secularistic Humanism 1
The Consequence of Kant’s First Critique is Postmodern Cultural and Epistemological Relativism 1
The Crisis of Character: Who Cares?  1
The DaVinci Code 9
From Enlightenment to Post Modernism: 18th to 20th Centuries Narrative Displacement 56
Harry Potter and the Bible 6
Heidegger’s Critique of Positivism 7
Idolatrous Absolutes 35
Modeling And Molding Consciousness And Christian Missions 2
Old and New Absolutes of American Culture 1
Postmodern Context of Pluralism and Pragmatism 7
Postmodernism and Neo-Evangelicalism 1
Prepare to Meet Thy Trends 5
The Second Great Civil War:  Conflict of Values 2
Surviving The Whirl Wind Of Megashift In Neo-Evangelical/ Conservative Models Of Theology  3
Television: New Teachers Of Generation X:  Media Mania In Our Postmodern Culture 6
Thirteen Mega Ideas Which Shape/Affect 2005 Disciples 2
Two Paths To Postmodern Relativism And Cultural Redesign: The Humanistic Rationalism Of Autonomous Man (Atheistic Or Deistic, And Pantheistic) 1

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Biblical Foundations for Education
Christian Education Faces Goals 2000
Christian Education in Our Alternative Belief & Behavior Systems
* Enemies Of Permanent Things: Education In A Post Modern Culture
Four Educational Revolutions, (Dewey, Spock, Derrida & OBE)
Going First Class On The Titanic: Pro-Choice & Education in The Post-Modern World (Career Before Character)
The Influence of Darwin on American Pragmatism
The New Liberal Arts 101: Multiculturalism
The Postmodern Educational Revolution
Multiculturalism in the Market Place
Multicultural Education and The New York Times
Narrative Displacements Between the Modern and Post-Modern Epochs and Their Impact on Christian Education
Whoever Controls The Soul Of Education Controls The Soul of Culture
Enemies of Permanent Things: A Brief Historiography of Changing Views of Education 20
From Pluralism to Multiculturalism in Education 15
The Most Serious Debate In The 21st Century: Political Correctness And Illiberal Education 6
The Myth of Neutrality in Education  5
Trends in Educational Modes 2

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Historical Theology and the Restoration Heritage

* A Comparison Between Calvinism and Arminianism
American Theology and the American Identity Crisis
Bibliography for the Restoration Heritage
Thomas Campbell’s “Declaration and Address”
Christ In The Maze Of Process Theology 15
A Comparison Between Calvinism and Arminianism 8
Evangelical/Neo-Evangelicalism in The Context Of American Theology 7
The Social Gospel in America 22
Thomas Campbell's Hermeneutic 13

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The Constitution And Civil Rights: The Truth Shall Make You Free
Historiography of Law 52

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Promise Theology and Theology of Grace

Abraham and the Promise
Hesed (Grace in the O.T.) in the Bible
Occasions of Grace in Luke/Acts
Occasions of Grace in Paul
Occasions of Grace: Discipleship and Doctrine
Promise and Blessing
Promise and Covenant: Abraham, Moses, and David
Promise and Elijah
Promise and Eschatology
Promise and the Future of the Jews (Rom 9-11)
Promise in Galatians and Romans
Promise and Hermeneutic
Promise and the Holy Spirit
Promise and Hosea
Promise: Jeremiah’s New Covenant Theme in Hebrews 8-10
Promise: Israel and the Goyim
Promise and John’s Revelation
Promise and the Land
Promise and Law
The Old Covenant and the New Promise: Jeremiah 31.31-34; Hebrews 8-10
The Promise and the Presence
Promise: Theme: Prophets, Covenant, and Promise
Promise and Rest
Promise and Remnant
Promise Theology Syllabus
Two Testaments One Bible
Two Testaments and One Lord
Promise and Prophecy 9
The Promise in the Wisdom Literature: Life In The Promise  3

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Science, and The Philosophy of Science
19th Century Darwinism and Pragmatism
Crucial Issues in Post Modern Philosophy of Science (Induction, Psychologism, and Demarcation)
Feminism:  Postmodern Science (Christology) (Bibliography)
Feminist Science: Foundations of Postmodern Christologies
Five Criteria for the New Paradigm Thinking
Gödel’s Refutation Of The Mechanical Model Of Explanation
Heart of Postmodernism is Rooted in Kuhn, Popper, Gödel’s
Theorem and Polanyi’s Debate
Kuhn Appendix: Crisis Narrative and Science
The Christian Faith and Scientific Revolution—Kant and Popper Demarcation
Thomas Kuhn’s Concept of Paradigm
Between Rationalism and Empiricism (Part 1 of 3)
Logical Positivism (Part 2 of 3)
The Long Day’s Journey of the Death of Reason (Part 3 of 3)
Narrative Displacement in the History of Evolutionary Ideas
Narrative Displacement in Theories of Scientific Method
* Paradigmatic Shift and Conversion
Paradigm Thought – Five Shifts
Philosophies of Science in Conflict
Popper’s Demarcation Between Science and Metaphysics
Postmodern Science and Eschatology
Prolegomena to Theories of Scientific Revolution (Kant, Popper, Lakatos, et. al)
Quantum Mechanics, Creation, and Scientific Paradigms
The Rage Against Reason: Gurus of Postmodern Irrationalism
Radical Revisionism: Enemies of Science
Rationality, Transcendence (Objectivity) and Gödel’s Theorem
Science as Eurocentricism
Science and The View of Man
Scientific Revolution Part I: Eastern Precursors to Western Science
Scientific Revolution Part II: Teleology, Mechanism, and Ontology
Scientific Revolution Part III: Teleology as Subtle Poison
Scientific Revolution Part IV: Thomas Kuhn’s Science as a System of Traditional Authority
Seven Alternative Patterns for the Relationship Between
Science and the Christian Faith

Specificity is Crucial for Two Foundational Guidepoints
Theories of Scientific Method with a West Historical Time Line to Kant
Time and Reality: Science, Nature/Super-nature: A Conception of a Beyond-nature
Towards Understanding Thomas Kuhn
Foundation Of Faith: A Review Of Stanley Jaki's Continuing Contribution To The History And Philosophy Of Science 33
Newton’s Principle of Matter   5
Philosophy of Science and Darwin’s Biological Theory of Evolution 19
Popper's Philosophy of Science  7
Scientific Revolution Part I: Eastern Precursors to Western Science 18
Secularism and Scientism  3
Towards Understanding Thomas Kuhn: Revolution, Paradigm, and Conversion 13

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The Social Sciences and The Christian Faith

The Imago Dei and the Tragedy of Abortion
Classical and Neo-Classical Economic Paradigms
The Christian Faith and the Historiographical Revolution
*From Historicism, The Idea of Progress to Postmodern Revisionist History
Images of Man: Historical Paradigms of the Person
Neglect of History in our Post Christian Modern Culture: Multicultural Pluralism
Conflict Of Paradigms: Contextualization Of The Historical-Critical Method 9
From Historicism to Post-Modern Revisionist History 8
Paradigms And Proposals Of Milton & Rose Friedman For Economic Revitalization 8
“What Is Man That Thou Art Mindful Of Him” (Psalm 2): The Christian World View Of Psychology And Counseling 16

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World Religions, Cult and Occult, and New Age
A Basic World Religions Bibliography
The Bible vs. Occult World View
Bibliography on Islam and Christianity
Chaos Physics, the Power of Myth, and Resurgent Neo-Paganism
Christ of/And the New Age
Confronting New Age Alternatives (Transformation) to Holiness and Wholeness
Crisis Culture, Counter Culture, and New Age
* Cults, Occult, Satanism
The Tao of History (Capra)
Demise of Truth in Religious Pluralism
Demonology – Spiritism – Occultism
From Syncretism to Relativism to Pluralism
The Gods of This World Are on the Move
Key Institutions Disseminating New Age Phenomena
Islam and Muslims
Jesus and The Koran: Jesus in the Midst of the Middle East Crisis
* Mormon Paper
* Occult Bibliography
People of The Lie:  The New Age Movements
Perspectives on New Age Health Care from the Christian Gospel (Holistic Health and Holiness)
Philosophy of Religion
Postmodern Religions – Spirituality but No Truth
Postmodern Resurgence of Paganism
* Power Encounters: Resurgent Satanism in Our Scientific World
The Problem of Religious Plurality
Resurgent Satanism
Understanding Religion: A Select Bibliography
What is a Cult?
Who’s Right: The Problem of Pluralism?
Witnessing to the Cults and New Age
World Religion Charts: Western and Eastern
Comparison of the Christian and Hindu World View  1
Occult Bibliography  5
Resurgent Occultism  7
Seductive Power of the New Age Movement  3
Understanding Religion: A Select Bibliography 2004 14
World Religions Select Bibliography 2004 20
World View of—New Age Movement   1
Published Works

Newness On The Earth Through Christ. Lincoln, IL: Lincoln Christian College Press, 1969.
CHALLENGE!!!  RESPONSE???  World-wide Mission in Light of the Nature of the Church.  Lincoln, IL: Lincoln Christian College Press, 1969.
The Seer, The Savior and The Saved:  The Lord of the Future.  Joplin, MO: College Press, 1972
Birth of A Revolution.  Cincinnati, OH: Standard Publishing Co., 1974.  Co-authored with Dr. Wayne Shaw.
The Shattering of Silence:  Job, Our Contemporary.  Joplin, MO: College Press, 1976.
“Ethical Relativism,” “Honesty,” “Maturity,” and “Nihilism.”  In Baker’s Dictionary of Christian Ethics.  Edited by Carl F. H. Henry.  Grand Rapids, MI: Baker, 1973.
“God’s Promise and Universal History.”  In Grace Unlimited.  Edited by Clark H. Pinnock, pp. 190-208.  Minneapolis, MN: Bethany Fellowship, 1975.
“A Puritan in a Post-Puritan World—Jonathan Edwards.”  In Grace Unlimited.  Edited by Clark H. Pinnock, pp. 243-264.  Minneapolis, MN: Bethany Fellowship, 1975.
Articles in The Christian Standard Magazine, Cincinnati, Ohio
“Three Titles for Christ” March 29, 1958).
“The Scriptures and Illness” (November 1, 1958).
“The Gospel and Non-Christian Religions” (November 7, 1959).
“The Calendar and Special Days” (April 9, 1960).
“What Is Man That Thou Art Mindful of Him?” (September 24, 1960).
“The Bible and Politics” (October 22, 1960).
“When The Pope Speaks” (October 29, 1960).
“the Miracle of His Coming” (December 24, 1960).
“What Is Revelation?” (April 22 & 29, 1961).
“Translators and Their Theology” (October 7, 1961).
“The Need of the Hour: Revival Among the People of God” (October 21, 1961).
“Songs for a New-Born King” (December 16, 1961).
"Race, Redemption, Responsibility” (February 10 & 17, 1962).
"The Nature of the Gift” (March 2, 1963).
“Death Be Not Proud” (April 6, 13, & 20, 1963).
“Handel’s Messiah ” (June 22, 1963).
“A Most Disturbing Book!” (November 9, 1963).
“The Master Blessing” (December 12, 1964).
“Seeing Cities Through the Tears of Jesus” (May 24, 1969).
“Resurrection Living and the Growth of the Church” (March 21, 1970).
“The Fellowship of the Forgiven” (April 25, 1970).
“The Fellowship of the Forgiven” (April 25, 1970).
“The World Tomorrow” (November 14, 1971).
“Isaiah Revisited” (December 5, 1971).
“The Crucified God and Man’s Search for Justice” (April 8, 1979).
“A Time for Laughter” (July 8 & 15, 1979).
Articles in A Journal for Christian Studies (Chi Lambda Fellowship) Lincoln Christian Seminary
“The Christian World View and the Rise of Modern Science.”  Vol. 1, no. 2 (March 1982).
“Carl Sagan’s Cosmic Connection.” Vol. 2, no. 1 (August 1982).
“Conversion: Horizons on Personal and Social Transformation.” Vol. 3, no. 1 (August 1983).
“The World-view of Karl Marx:  Contemporary Communism’s Challenge to the Church.”  Vol. 4, no. 1 (October 1983).
“The Gospel Commission and Marxism.”  Vol. 4, no. 1 (October 1983).
“God’s Authoritative Word and the Gospel According to Gallup.”  Vol. 4, no. 1 (Summer 1984).
“Study Guide for the Inspiration of Scripture.”  Vol. 4, no. 2 (Summer 1984).
“Community and Cross-Paradigm Communication.”  Vol. 6, No. 1 & 2 (Winter 1986/87).
“Conflicting Models of Constitutional Hermeneutics.” Vol. 8 (Fall 1988).
“The Future Isn’t Like It Used To Be (Bibliography).” Vol. 9, (1989/90).
“Anthony Thiselton in the Hermeneutical Maze.”  Vol. 12, (Fall 1993).
“Race, Redemption and Responsibility.”
“The Christian and the 20 th Century Attack on His Faith.”
“The Restoration Principle in the Light of Restructure.”
“The Virgin Birth of Our Lord.”
“Children Choose Your Parents Wisely: Responsibility of Christian Parents in Our Age of the New Morality of Maturity Regarding T.V., Tobacco, Narcotics, Sec, Pornography, and Alcohol.”
“The Word of God and Resurgent Glossolalia (Speaking in Tongues Today???).”

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Unpublished Works
Academic Theses
“Hermeneutics and Anthropology of Karl Barth’s Theology.”  M.A. thesis, Butler University, Indianapolis, Indiana, 1960.
“Heilsgeschichte and Its Facticity:  Faith, History, and the Believer.”  Th.M. thesis, Chicago Graduate School of Theology, 1971)
“The Theology of Nature and the Ecological Crisis.”  D.Min thesis, Eden Theological Seminary, St. Louis, Missouri, 1974.
“The Word of God and the Jehovah’s Witnesses.”
“The Mormons: Have They Restored the Biblical Church?”
“Seventh-Day Adventists: The Lord’s Day Sabbath.”
“Is Christian Science Christian?”
“Evangelism and Adherents of the Cults.”

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Sermon And Lecture Tapes

(Available from Lincoln Christian College and Seminary's Media Services:
*Worship Wars and a Post Modern Culture
The Need of the Hour: Reading the Times (Proverbs 9.18)
Against the Darkness:  Saints in the Secular City
True Truth to Tell
The Devil’s Advocate Faces the Resurrection
*Outcome Based Education—Fad, Fiction or Failure?
Who is the Lord of the Church-Christ or Caesar?  (Ephesians 6.12)
The Faith Hall of Fame:  Into the Fiery Furnace (Hebrews 11)
The Offense of the Cross—The Crucifixion
The Cosmic Orphan Meets the Risen Christ (Luke 24)
Kingdoms in Conflict—Christian Baptism (Romans 6)
Jesus Under Fire—The Theology of Romans
*Chameleons in the Temple of Tolerance
*The Rush to Relevance
*Political Correctness/Illiberal Education
True Truth to Tell—Crucifixion of Truth
*The Lost Person in the Post Modern Neuro-Science
*Fools for Christ
*The Search for the Wrong Jesus #1
*Christian Conviction in a Pluralistic Maze, #2
*Remember the Golden Age
Successful Failures, “The Order of the Towel”
The Great Nevertheless
David and Psalm 51
*From the Birth of Christianity to Post Modernism
Our Lord’s Heart for Unity (John 17, Ephesians 4)
Dare to Make a Difference (Faith on the Line)
Seeing Our Neighbors through the Eyes of Jesus
The Cleavers Don’t Live Here Anymore: The Family in the 90’s-2003
Without Excuse in a Nation of Victims: Crisis with Character (Romans 1.18-25)
*Mega Shift in Evangelical Models
*Alternative Views of Christian Character
*Christian Conviction in a Pluralistic Maze
*Beyond Mere Diversity: Pluralistic Multiculturalism
Leadership with a Vision (Proverbs 29.18ff; II Corinthians 4.1ff.)
Our World of Broken Relationships (John 14)
The Church Faces the 21 st Century: Conditions of Maturity
*Five Fundamental Perspectives of the Holy Spirit
Revival and Church Growth—Acts 29
The Bridge over Troubled Waters (Luke 15)
Culture Wars (Ephesians 6)
Surprised by Hell (Luke 16)
The Priority and Paradox of Preaching
*The Only Expected Man in the World’s History (Christ of the Prophets)
Kingdoms in Conflict: Baptism and Our Ultimate Citizenship
A Haven in a Heartless World:  The Family
Cultural Wars in the Secular City
What in the World Are You Doing? (Colossians 1.10)
Models of Ministry:  God’s Un-reached People
Christ and Man’s Search for Unity (Colossians 1)
Present Threats to Our Unity (Colossians 2)
The Church with a Vision (Acts 13)
*The Cause of Humanism, #1
*The Origins of Humanism, #2
*The Idols of Humanism, #3
*The Counterfeit Salvation of Humanism: Secularism, #4
“Manifestoes in Conflict: Evangelism and Humanism, #5
Jesus in Jurassic Park
Abraham, A Man for All Seasons
Confronting the World
KMOX “At Your Service Interview—“Politics and Religion”, 1980
Fools for Christ: I Corinthians
New Wine Skins for the Secular City (Exodus 20.1-17; Ephesians 6.1-9)
Jonah: A Prophet and Pouter in a Pagan City
Servant Models of Church and Ministry in Achievement Culture (Isa 53/John 13)
The Drama of a Dreamer
Perspectives from Prison on Worship
Spiritual Confusion: The Crisis of Piety
Trojan Horses Exit or How to Witness to Secular People
The Battle for the Mind (I John 2.18-29)
Authority of Scripture for Generation X (Matthew 7.28,29; 21.23)
Hope and the Home (I Peter 3.1-7)
A Generation Adrift (Luke 15)
The Trivialization of God (Genesis 1.1)
Against the Darkness:  Saints in the Secular City
Seductive Powers of the New Age Movement
Perspective:  Church Leaders for the 1990’s and 2003
The Constitution and Civil Rights
Manifestos in Conflict (Matthew 28)
Two Gardens—Eden and Gethsemane
Three Pillars of the Christian Faith--the Birth, Cross, and Resurrection of Christ
*Indicates lectures.
Also available:  Science and Christianity video – 75 minutes
                          Science and Christianity audio – 15 hours

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