History of WorldViewEyes

In 1999, the Lilly Endowment of Indianapolis awarded a $30,000 Planning Grant to Lincoln Christian College & Seminary (now Lincoln Christian University) to develop a program to attract high school youth to Christian theology and ministry. As of 2014, WVE received six grants from the Lilly Endowment for a total of $1,027,530. 

WVE's activities have primarily involved offering multimedia presentations, hosting a variety of youth seminars and special events, and providing resources through its website. 

WVE has produced multimedia presentations for over 76,000 youth and adults at about 208 events in 78 locations in 22 states, Canada, and China. It has developed special sessions for Christ in Youth Summer Conferences and Discipleship Retreats; state Christian teen conventions; the National Youth Leaders' Convention in Joplin, Missouri; family camps; churches; Christian schools; the National Missionary Convention (now the International Conference on Missions); the North American Christian Convention; and many local church/youth events. Beginning in 2014, WVE presentations are often offered through the Room For Doubt program, which shares many of the same objectives of WorldViewEyes.

From 2000-2007, WVE hosted four different summer youth seminars with a "worldview" orientation but each with a different emphasis.

  • "Christian Faith, Competing Worldviews, and Contemporary Culture" (in Lincoln, IL)
  • "Worldviews and Urban Ministries" (in Chicago)
  • "God's Creation and Human Psychology" (in Colorado and Missouri)
  • "Church Planting in the Modern World" (in New Hampshire)

Beginning in 2008, WVE began hosting just one summer event for youth and youth workers to develop leadership skills and better understanding of Christian faith and mission. In 2012-2013, the main WVE youth event called "Disciples Days" was hosted at Restoration House Ministries in New Hampshire, which is a church planting ministry that emphasizes education and intern programs. In 2014, WVE's youth event was "The Vine," a two-day retreat for youth and youth leaders on the campus of Lincoln Christian University.

In 2005, WVE filmed a reality show called "REALITY TRIP" with 6 cast members in an RV for about a month. These Christian youth faced many different physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges plus some tough worldview questions--all with cameras constantly in their face day and night.

Various segments from Reality Trip will be used in WVE's presentations and future curriculum materials.

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