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As of early 2018, WVE has provided multimedia presentations for about 208 events in 78 locations in 22 states, Canada, and China.  We have developed special sessions for Christ in Youth Summer Conferences and Discipleship Retreats; state Christian teen conventions; the National Youth Leaders' Convention in Joplin, Missouri; family camps; churches; Christian schools; the National Missionary Convention (now the International Conference on Missions); the North American Christian Convention; and many local church and youth events. Beginning in 2014, WVE presentations were often offered as part of the Room For Doubt program, which shares many of the same objectives of WorldViewEyes.

The "worldview" emphasis of our program is useful for a wide range of groups. Although some denominational disputes may be significant, our presentations are intended for all professing Christians (and even non-Christians). We want to emphasize what C. S. Lewis called "mere Christianity."

As a result, our presentations are designed to help everyone Expand their minds and understand more deeply what a Christian worldview is; Engage their media-driven culture in a productive way; Evaluate other worldview options; and fully Embrace a Christian worldview by living it in a consistent way.

Dr. Rich Knopp, WVE Director, offers a wide variety of multimedia presentations for churches, conferences, and conventions--for teens and for adults. Presentations are customized for each event. However, to get a feel for the variety of topics, see a list of more recent presentations HERE.

If you are interested in arranging a presentation for a conference, convention, or church event, zap us an email.



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